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Shangming decoration (www.cnsmtl.com) was founded in 1991, is one of the oldest paint enterprises in Xuzhou. In 2006, stationed in the industrial park and the formal establishment of Xuzhou Shangming Decoration Material Co., Ltd., registered capital of 8 million 960 thousand yuan, is a focus on green environmental protection high-grade paint, new paint enterprises R & D, production, sales, design, construction and technical services as one of the. Shangming with R & D, more than 7 years of production experience in the field of water in water multicolor paint. The nation's first intelligent SM-532 system enables almost all coating manufacturers to produce a mature, stable and affordable water colourful coating. In the field of exterior wall paint to paint, lacquer Malay as the representative, Shangming also has a good reputation and outstanding achievements.
The company headquarters is located in the "ancient times a hotly contested spot" - Xuzhou, occupies a huge geographical advantage at the same time also has a standard workshop of nearly 10000 square meters and a set of advanced production equipment. The company has 9 core technicians, including 4 professional coloring divisions, enough to provide the most satisfactory templates for customers in the shortest time. The company has a full range of tracking service system from material selection, production to construction. In recent years, the local government has been strongly supported and recognized by the local government, and has a wide range of good reputation among the masses.
Always Shangming to product quality as the foundation of the development of the company. As a work - oriented enterprises to technology started, Shangming on science and innovation investment is huge, but also so rewarding, and eventually become the industry's leading supplier of high-grade paint production. From the basis of the traditional putty, glue and ordinary paint, to the popular national latex paint, diatom mud, and then to the new high-grade green stone paint, colorful stone like paint water in water and energy saving thermal insulation coatings, Shangming marching to more upscale more green products, and always continued high price ratio, good stability, green environmental protection product features.
Shangming has always been to environmental standards for the enterprise development foundation. The company has passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, ISO14024 international environmental labeling product certification, and the ten ring green environmental labeling certification issued by China environmental labeling certification committee. And strive to find and build more environmentally friendly and more energy-efficient production lines.
Shangming has always been to "win-win" concept of enterprise development to sail. More than 20 years, have been Shangming with the Beijing Building Materials Academy of Sciences, Chinese paint Association, Shanghai Ben bird unit Coating Technology Co Ltd and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of forming a good strategic partnership and continue to introduce advanced technology in the world. In 2010, the company developed a new type of water package with Shanghai running bird technology and developed a variety of water package water products successfully. After thousands of experiments in the past 5 years and millions of square meters of construction inspection, the 2 most stable and intelligent water system, 302 system and 532 system, were finally selected. The production of water - water colourful granite paint has come into the age of intelligence!
Shangming has always been to "service first" philosophy as the pillar of enterprise development. Not only to provide customers with high quality architectural paint products, but also to provide customers with the most perfect construction service system. Whether it is new or expansion projects, can according to different types of buildings and environment, comprehensive use of color, luster, texture, lines to show the unique artistic style of architecture, as a combination of system and to provide the best customer recommendation in accordance with building protection, decorative or energy-saving requirements, formulate a scientific and detailed design and construction scheme and strive to professional construction team trained with regularity and rich painting experience, superb construction technology, project management, orderly and highly safety and environmental awareness, to provide efficient, and improve the quality of service for customers, to meet customer needs.
Over the past decade, Shangming company vigorously promote "innovation, persistence, hard work, pioneering" spirit of enterprise in R & D yongpangaofeng. The intention to build the water in water multicolor paint, lacquer, super resistant rub resistant interior wall paint, exterior wall paint, anti fouling resistant fireproof, waterproof, rust proof function of paint and other high-tech products, forming a unique core competitiveness Shangming. The R & D and production technology of the water colourful paint is quite mature, and welcome the customers to visit and exchange! .




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